Gattings Funeral Hospitality

Cocktail Menu

Crunchy Thai chicken and peanut cakes
with a sweet chilli glaze

Petit chicken, mint, alfalfa and almond sandwiches

Confit of duck on chive blini

Moroccan rubbed lamb on a skewer
with cucumber ribbon and tzatziki to dip

Rare roast beef on a chive Yorkshire pudding
with horseradish cream

Petit roll with rare beef, roasted red pepper,
brie and horseradish

Chive crepes filled with salmon mousse, rolled
and cut into little cylinders topped with lemon zest

Cucumber cups topped with hot smoked salmon
and wasabi crème fraiche

Chilli prawns with melon ball
on Asian spoon or skewer

Potato rosti topped with smoked salmon mousse, smoked salmon, lemon zest

Vietnamese rice paper wraps (v)

Beetroot meringue with confit of duck
and goat’s cheese whip

Petit Yorkshire with blue cheese,
roasted mushrooms and truffle oil (v)

Goat’s cheese parfait, fig and chilli paste
on beetroot risotto (v)

Zataar crusted lamb rump on potato rosti
with grilled zucchini and capsicum

Savoury Panforte crostini, pineapple salsa
and crispy Serrano ham

Tartlet of beetroot relish with feta & mint (gf & v)

Corn fritter with salsa and sour cream (v)

Petit chicken korma pies

Mini fillet mignons – with béarnaise sauce

Lamb and rosemary Wellingtons
with a mint and apple jelly

Mediterranean lamb kofta in a mini pita with tzatziki

Little beef Bourguignon Pies

Moroccan lamb pies

Crisp little bread cases filled with pancetta,
cheese and almond filling

Little scallop and prawn fritters with lime hollandaise

Gatting’s samosas filled with spicy roast pumpkin
and kumara with a plum dipping sauce (v)

Lemon arancini balls rolled in panko crumbs (v)

Spicy vegetarian pakoras with a Gatting’s
tamarind chutney (v)

Sticky pork belly, seared scallop
with wasabi mayonnaise

Prawn brochette, sugar cane,
nuoc cham dipping sauce

(v) = Vegetarian    (gf) = Gluten Free