Gattings Funeral Hospitality


Little Noodle boxes or a bamboo boat:

Chilli prawns served in a little noodle box (cold)

Chilli prawns with egg noodle salad, Chinese cabbage, red onions & Vietnamese vinegar (cold)

Israeli couscous salad with spicy lamb (cold)

Fijian chicken curry with rice (hot)
served with wedge of roti

Vietnamese chicken rice noodle salad (cold)

Thai beef noodle salad (cold)

Orzo salad with salmon, lemon and capers (cold)

Tuna, baby potato and green bean salad with creamy olive dressing (cold)

Roasted kumara, pumpkin, beetroot and courgette salad with feta (cold)


Fish goujons and wedges served in a cone with our special tartare sauce and lemon wedge

Salt + Pepper squid with lime mayonnaise

Seafood Fritto Di Mare in a cone
goujons of fish and spicy prawns with spiced
salt and pepper and garlic mayonnaise


Mini bratwurst sausage in a gorgeous homemade bun with caramelised onions, mustard and
tomato chilli sauce

Mini bap with maple glazed ham off the bone with baby cos, Swiss cheese and mustard hollandaise

Homemade mini sesame bun filled with a choice of:

Beef eye fillet, horseradish and greens
Ham off the bone, Swiss cheese and Dijon
Rosemary leg of lamb in a bun with mint jelly,
cos and hummus


Presented on beautiful large wooden boards
ready to be passed around;

Little sticky pork spare ribs with lime wedges
Baby French lamb cutlets with mint jelly

Small pies in a bag:

Chicken korma, Beef and Guinness
Spinach and potato